The moment finally came – congrats! You’re engaged! We’re guessing you’re probably feeling euphoric, adored, and full of anticipation for this new chapter of life. So here’s our advice: keep it that way. Did you know that wedding planning is seen as one of the most stressful events in a person’s life? We think it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can keep that cloud-nine feeling by following these 8 simple steps.

1. Decide What’s Really Important When Wedding Planning

First things first, get out a pen and paper, a cup of tea and get cozy. Write down all the things that are important to you when you think about your wedding. What have you imagined your big day to be like? Is there a special place, venue or theme you have your heart set on? Jot them all down. Then take a look at what you’ve written and, then, rank them in order of importance. This will help you keep a perspective on what you should apply your energy and finances toward. (P.S. It’s a good idea to do this together as a couple!)

2. Ask Your Friends

Ask your newly married friends what they would have done differently about their wedding and what they absolutely loved about it. The best advice comes from people who have been in your shoes! Ask questions like: Is there something you thought was super important that turned out not to be such a big deal? When you look back and relive that day in your mind, is there anything that you wish was different? What advice would you give me on staying worry-free?

3. Build a Budget That Fits Your Wedding Planning

Stress often comes from the unknown. We worry about things that seem unclear. Don’t let your budget become a bully when planning your wedding. We suggest using The Knot Wedding Budget Planner. This tool is absolutely amazing! You can easily create a breakdown of your budget and keep your wedding finances clear and concise. The feature even includes insider tips, recommendations, and syncs up with the other planning tools on The Knot. Perfect!

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4. Discover Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Weddings are fun! So, take time to think about what should be included in your wedding that would bring you joy. What are the things unique to you that could be incorporated to not only make the day more personal but also more fun? Do you have a certain hobby, era in time, beloved place, favorite book, or niche special to you?  Think about how you can incorporate these things you delight in. This is a sure-fire way to keep you worry-free and smiling all wedding long. For more ingenious ideas we suggest browsing some creative blogs online.

5. Choose the Perfect Spot

Choosing where to have your wedding is a major part of planning. Thus, you will want to choose a place that matches your personality and style. If you aren’t sure where to start, Wedding Sites and Services is your key to finding just the right place! You can search different locations, take a look through the “Ideas Gallery”, and peruse their advice blog. Using tools like Wedding Sites and Services can help you more accurately picture the ideal location and choose something that personifies who you are.

6. Find a Photographer That Fits Your Budget

Getting a photographer booked is key. At Wanderlight Photography, we keep pricing straightforward with packages and add-ons for any budget. Some things to consider when planning for your photographer are: to allocate 10% of your wedding budget toward their services; to choose a photographer that you will want to spend your whole big day with; and to choose someone who will authentically capture your unique wedding story.

7. Shop For the Dream Dress

One ideal way to keep the fun in your wedding planning is to do a little shopping! What is the style, color, and length you imagine wearing? Putting together an idea board will help you gather all the details that you want to be included for your dress. When you’ve decided what’s important to you, go looking! Visit local wedding dress shops or perhaps take your bridesmaids-to-be on a little road trip to dress stores out of your area. The key is to make the search full of laughter and excitement.

8. Take Engagement Photos

You just said yes! Now memorialize this moment in time with special engagement photos.  A photoshoot is a perfect celebratory step in the wedding planning phase. It allows you two to have special time together and commemorate what has happened in your love life.  And the best part is, the photos are perfect for Save the Date announcements! It’s easy to choose a photographer that fits you at our website and get those engagement photos off your to-do list!

Find More Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

These eight steps are the perfect starting point for any recent bride-to-be. The key is to enjoy the process as you go through these beginning steps, then  take a break and relax before tackling the other details: flowers, catering, cake/dessert, entertainment, decor, guest list and the most important: the honeymoon! Take it one step at a time and remind yourself: this is your dream-come-true…enjoy it! Contact us today to begin your journey!

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