Your wedding day has finally come, and you’re overflowing with excitement! This will be one of the most special days of your life, and the start of a beautiful journey shared between you and your spouse-to-be.  Since this event is such a happy and momentous occasion, you want to savor each moment without having to worry about unnecessary distractions. For that reason, many couples have decided to have an “unplugged” wedding: no phones or other electronic devices, for them or their guests. Why take such a big step? Here are three factors to consider:

1. Fewer Distractions

We’ve all been in a meeting, at a movie, or enjoying a museum, and just as our interest level has reached its peak – off goes a ringtone that takes our mind away from the main event. That can be annoying enough in day-to-day life, but it may be especially disruptive (and rude) in the middle of a wedding ceremony. In contrast, how much nicer would it be if everyone would stay in the present, and enjoy the ceremony without the intrusion of even minor disturbances?

2. Better Pictures

For most of us, phones have totally replaced cameras. You may not even remember the last time you held an actual piece of photographic equipment in your hand – you know, a device that only takes pictures without Internet access or text messaging.

Still, a photo snapped from an iPhone comes in a distant second place compared to the quality that a professional photographer can provide. With an unplugged wedding, instead of guests uploading grainy, fuzzy pictures to their social media accounts (sometimes before the ceremony is even over!) you’ll be able to enjoy reliving your special day with professional photos. Plus, your photographer won’t have to navigate around standing guests trying to get a picture on their own device!

3. Clearer Memories

Technology serves countless useful purposes. However, one drawback to the pervasiveness of our digital tools is their tendency to “take us out of the moment.” We sacrifice our enjoyment of the moment because our attention is divided between too many things. That also means we lose the chance to form clear memories of important moments.

On the other hand, keeping your wedding (mostly) technology-free can help you and your fiancee to relax – and also help your guests to stay mindful of the present. You’ll still get to reminisce over your wedding album in the years to come – but you’ll have much more vivid memories of your special day, guaranteed.

How to Make an Unplugged Wedding Work

You may decide that you want to have an unplugged wedding. Still, you may wonder: “How can I convince my guests to respect that decision?” You can explore a few options, such as:

  • Make an announcement at the start of the ceremony. A few minutes before the ceremony begins, simply have your officiant politely announce to your guests that now is the time to turn their phones off, or to mute them.
  • Define your expectations beforehand. You can also make your desire to have an unplugged wedding known to your invitees months in advance of the actual ceremony.
  • Hire “security.” Okay, so this is the “nuclear option;” but if you really, really don’t want any phone-related interruptions from your guests, then you can always make them check their phones at the door.

Learn More About an Unplugged Wedding

An unplugged wedding may not be for everyone. However, if you decide to go this route, both you and your guests are bound to enjoy this most special event that much more. Reach out to us today to learn more about how to make your unplugged wedding a smashing success!

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