When it comes to wedding planning, the reception tends to absorb lots of time and attention. And, honestly, we get it. Drinks! Dancing! Centerpieces! Photo booths! Food, fun, and festivities! The options for amping up this portion of the event can feel endless. In fact, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in planning a killer reception that you overlook the important aspects of the wedding ceremony itself.

Here at Wanderlight Photography, we’ve had ample opportunity to see this dynamic in action, and we’re here today with a few tips to help you ensure that your wedding ceremony itself is just as visually beautiful as the reception. Not only will your guests thank you, but you will be able to enjoy lush ceremony photos for years to come.

4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Visually Beautiful

Play With Light

It’s amazing what playing with light can do to focus attention, set the tone, and take your wedding photos to the next level.  When we say you should “play with light”, we don’t mean simply following the best practices for indoor lighting.  We mean combining extra lighting options with the decor, creating a killer two-in-one combo.

Here are some simple suggestions:

There are plenty of lighting options to suit any wedding style, from formal to casual, elegant to rustic, and everything in between.

wedding ceremonies with dramatic lighting

Devise a Dramatic Backdrop

If you’re planning on an indoor wedding, remember that whatever is directly behind the wedding party will appear in nearly every photo. In many cases, what’s behind the wedding party is a plain (often white) wall. Visually appealing backdrops are easier to achieve than you might suspect. A simple combination of lattice, fabric, and flowers can do the trick, but there are plenty of other more inventive options as well.

We’d encourage you to consider your style, pick something you like, and block off a corner of your budget to add beauty and whimsy to your ceremony.  Fortunately, there’s another way to ensure a dramatic backdrop without breaking the bank.

Tropical Ceremony Backdrop

Wedding Ceremony Backdrop

Leverage the Power of Windows

Want an indoor wedding with an outdoor feel? Choose a venue with feature windows.

Here in the American West (and the Southwest), we know how to make the most of what we have to offer. Indeed, large windows in homes, businesses, and venues alike are often built to frame jaw-dropping natural wonders. Not only will this choice mean streams of natural light, but it will also ensure a lush and beautiful backdrop. There, you can exchange your vows while enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern air conditioning!

Using windows for drama

Trust the Experts

When it comes right down to it, none of us can claim to be an expert at everything. And that’s okay! Maybe getting the best possible outcome simply means consulting with an expert and trusting them to take care of the details for you. Remember, there’s no shame in seeking professional help regarding this (or any other!) aspect of planning your ceremony. When it comes to your wedding, your only real job should have is to show up, enjoy yourself, and get married.

ceremonies with dramatic lighting

We Can Help Make your Wedding Ceremony Beautiful

At Wanderlight Photography, we’re here to help take the pressure out of planning your big day. Along the way, we’ll explore beauty, create stories, and curate moments that will last a lifetime. To hear more about what we have to offer, or to check our availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!