As soon as you are comfortable moving forward, but the normal time range is 6-9 months before your wedding. Our photographers are consistently booked, especially through wedding season and booking them is the only way to guarantee you get who you want for your wedding.
Our photographers are happy to meet with you via phone, video conference or in-person. Just select the "Talk with" button at the top of their bio page.
Definitely! It is $299/hr. If the request is made before your final invoice is paid, your invoice will be adjusted. If it is after the final invoice has been paid, including the day of the wedding, you will receive an invoice from Wanderlight that must be paid before photos will be posted online and made available for download.
We highly recommend it. It allows you to work with your photographer before your wedding day and it is also a fun way to get more relaxed photos from this period in your life. We love capturing activities and places that are special to both of you.
It makes sense to have 2 photographers for any larger wedding (usually over 100 people) and/or you want to capture different perspectives of your wedding day.
Most of the time they are other Wanderlight photographers. If all of our Wanderlight photographers are booked, they are other photographers that we have relationships with and have interviewed and approved the quality of their work before hiring.
We currently only offer engagement sessions if they are booked as part of a wedding package.
Travel is charged at $1/mile round trip to your reception location. The city center (Denver, Phoenix, etc.) is used as the starting address. This allows us to compensate our photographers for their travel cost and time. If you have a second shooter, the travel fee is doubled. For weddings over 200 miles round trip hotel room(s) may be required for each photographer booked. If you have an engagement shoot, travel will be added to your final invoice for the engagement shoot.
Typically our packages are from when you ask the photographer to show up to when they are done at the end of the wedding day. We do understand that their are unique situations, and if the gap is more than 2 hours, it might be possible. Contact us at and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen.
We start with our relationships in the industry and sometimes put out job postings if we need to hire more people. All of our photographers are interviewed in person, have a minimum experience of 40 weddings, have to produce the quality of work that will represent Wanderlight well, and go through a full-day orientation to make sure they are ready for your wedding.
Your photographer will be in touch within 72 hours after booking to set up an initial “get to know you” appointment.
You do! They will be in touch within 72 hours after booking to set up a “get to know you” appointment (via video conference or phone) and then you will meet in person approximately 4 weeks before your wedding day to discuss details.
Photography is very relational between the photographer and their subject. We find that meeting in person (preferably with both clients) allows us to provide you with much better and more personal wedding photos. That being said, if you do not want to meet, it is not required.
We do not typically allow this because they have reserved your wedding date on their calendar. If you have an experience with your photographer that makes you question their ability to do the job, please reach out to us and we will do our best to remedy it for you. If this means assigning a different photographer, we will strongly consider it.
We have an emergency protocol in place and will use our network of photographers to make sure a talented and experienced photographer is there.
A meal is expected for both the lead photographer and second shooter (if there is one hired) if you are contracted for 7 hours or more and a meal is being provided to the wedding guests.


All your images are hi-res JPG files. They are a minimum resolution of 4000x6000, which allows for a 40”x60” print at 100dpi.
You get the unlimited rights to your photos for personal use. You can do whatever you want with them other than sell them.
We prefer not to work from a “shot list”. This frees us up to be creative and capture your wedding as it happens, but you if have some specific ideas in mind be sure to tell your photographer.
Your photos will be posted to our website 1 month after your wedding date. You will be able to download the hi-res images using the email you gave us when booking.
No. We want your photos to be about you, not us!
We do not provide all of the photos. The photos are culled to weed out the shots that didn’t come out, are repetitive or make someone look bad. We want everyone to look their best in the photos and since we post them online, we don’t want anyone to be embarrassed. If it is a good photo, we promise you’ll see it.
We do the following editing: Temperature & Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlight Recovery, Shadows/Fill Light, White/Black Clipping, Tone Curve Adjustments, Noise Reduction, Basic Spot Removal, Basic Dodging / Burning, Cropping and Straightening.
We are happy to do additional editing at your request. This is typically done for photos that are used for prints or an album that you want to be perfect. It is $50/hr with an hour minimum. Let us know what you would like us to do and we’ll let you know if our Photoshop experts can make it happen.
1 year. Unfortunately we can’t extend it at that time to make room for other weddings. You will get an email reminder before it is closed for good. You also have the option of subscribing to an online hosting service that will keep the photos on their cloud.
All of our photographers are required to have gear that meets our requirements as follows: A professional camera, 2.8 lenses or faster, 2 flashes and backup equipment for everything. Feel free to ask the photographer about their personal equipment.


7 hours with one photographer is our most popular package choice. It is $2,399.
The booking fee is $500 and the remaining balance is split into 2 installments, one that is due 90 days before the wedding and the other that is due 30 days before the wedding. If final payment is not made at least the day before the wedding, we can not guarantee that we will have a photographer there.
None of the payments made are refundable because we need to compensate the photographer who has turned away all other work for that date. If your wedding is rescheduled for another date due to unforeseen circumstances, we will do our best to have the same photographer on the new date.
We must charge sales tax on all weddings.
Tips are always appreciated, but not expected. If you would like to tip, 10% is a good standard for great service.
We are fully insured. If your venue requests a Certificate of Insurance we are happy to provide one.

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