From our first phone call, I knew Danni and I would be friends. During that call we chatted easily about lots of things, including how Todd proposed, which was in the midst of an accidental 17-mile hike, being a little turned around in the mountains for a little while, and how they just laughed through the whole thing, happy simply to be together. It’s a perfect testament to their awesome, laidback attitudes and love for the outdoors. Todd’s wedding tie was actually a topo map of their engagement spot, complete with geographical coordinates, and a matching bandana for his boy, RioDanni completely won me over when she told me she wanted to sign adoption papers at the wedding officially making her Rio’s mom. Rio is Todd’s handsome eight-year-old Border Collie who was a perfect gentleman and ring bearer. He’s sweet, and fluffy, and brought joy to an already joyous, wonderful, love and laughter filled, perfect weather day.
Danni and Todd, like many couples, did not have the wedding they initially planned. Their family wasn’t able to come in from out of town, they weren’t able to get married in Rocky Mountain National Park, Danni’s dad wasn’t able to walk her down the aisle. It would be easy to feel disappointed, but they didn’t. Instead, in their typical style, they rolled with it and crafted an absolutely beautiful wedding at Daniel’s Park, free from distractions, focused on nothing but their love and the commitment they were making to each other. They wrote their own vows, which were sweet, personal, and made everyone cry. They danced their first dance surrounded by nature, their pup, a stunning view, and music performed by their insanely talented friend and officiant, Justin. They prayed with and for each other, celebrated their faith with communion (which they shared with Rio), and toasted the beginning of the rest of their lives with a bottle of champagne from Todd’s mom – that just so happened to match Danni’s shoes. Truly, it was perfect. The day ended with FaceTime calls and love being felt from all over the country.  I feel privileged to have been one of the few people present to witness such a precious ceremony and honored to be a signed witness on their marriage license. Thank you so much for trusting me as your photographer. Y’all are the greatest. -Brooke
  Colorado Elopement Photography
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