Your wedding day is definitely one day in your life you will want to remember forever. You may remember the kiss, the vows, the guests, and how wonderful you felt on your special day. Some things, though, could be easy to forget as the details become faded with time. This is when a top-notch wedding photographer is so important. The photographer is the one who helps you keep those details fresh even fifty years from now in an album.

It is easy to ask your wedding photographer to please take all the pictures and not miss a single thing. The problem is that the photographer is just one person and can’t be in all the places at once. What you want to do is to think hard about what the most important parts of your day you want to be captured. Do you want shots of the small details? Do you want a bunch of candid pictures? Or are you looking for more formal, posed shots of the wedding party and guests? Have a conversation with your photographer and brainstorm what kind of story you want to be written that day.

Consider these 13 photo ideas as you are figuring out your wedding album style:

Getting Ready Goes in the Album

Your wedding is more than just the ceremony. It is an entire day. Have your photographer capture the details of you and your groom’s wedding parties getting ready.

Wedding Getting Ready Photos

Ceremony Set Up

Get pictures of the venue before guests start arriving. You may want to see and remember all the decorations in the quiet times.

Wedding Ceremony Details

Attire Details

You have probably spent hours putting together the perfect dress for you and suit for your groom.  Get the pictures of all the details from the shoes, jewelry, and stitching on the dress to the tie, vest, and blazer.  Don’t forget the full-length photos for the full effect as well.

Wedding Dress, Shoes and Suit


Get close-ups of your wedding bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. Take pictures of all the decoration flowers in the venue as well as the bridal party’s flowers. Flowers don’t last forever but pictures can keep them in your memory.

Wedding flowers

Magazine Worthy Shots in a Photo Album

Have the photographer take photos worthy of a magazine cover of you and your groom separately before the ceremony. Once all the events of the day get going the perfection of your look may slowly disappear as you enjoy yourself. Get pictures while everything looks perfectly put together.

Wedding Photography

First Look

Have the photographer be set up in the perfect location so there can be pictures of your face and your groom’s face the moment you lock eyes with each other as you walk down the aisle. That look only happens once. Capture it.

Wedding First Look

Just the Girls and Just the Guys for the Album

Get tons of pictures from each wedding party. Take perfectly posed pictures as well as more candid, fun-loving pictures. Capture the personalities of each group so you can remember them for a long time in an album.

Wedding Party Photos

Candid Ceremony Pictures

You may feel like you are on auto-pilot during the actual ceremony. That’s okay. Candid pictures of the ceremony will help you capture and remember the bliss and excitement of your special ceremony. Also, request shots of family members and the wedding party as they are watching the vows. Perhaps get a shot of the ring bearer and flower girls getting fidgety. And of course, get tons of photos of the two of you exchanging vows and don’t forget your first kiss as a married couple.

Ceremony Photographs

Immediate Family Pictures

Don’t forget to get beautiful pictures of you and groom with immediate family members either before or after the wedding ceremony. These are pictures you will definitely cherish more and more as time goes on.

Wedding Family Photographs

Venue During Reception

Did you get pictures of the venue before everyone arrived? Now get the pictures of the venue when everyone is there and having a great time. Get the wide-angle shots so you can see everyone at the same time as well as the more close-up shots for the smaller details.

Wedding Reception Venue

Wedding Cake Goes in the Album

The wedding cake is often the star of the reception. Get a picture of the cake in its complete perfection and also while it is being enjoyed by your happy guests. Don’t forget the customary shot of you and your groom feeding each other.

Wedding Cakes


Will there be dancing at your reception? Be sure you get photos of the first dance as a married couple, the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, and wedding guests dancing the night away.

Wedding Reception Dancing

The Send-Off

It has been a long, beautiful, and exhausting day. It is time to leave and start your lives together as a married couple. Be sure you capture that last walk, or run, from the venue to your getaway car. This will provide a nice closing photo for your wedding album.

Wedding Send Off

Find More Photo Ideas for Your Wedding Album

These are just a few of the endless possibilities of photos you can have on your wedding day. Have a long meeting with your qualified wedding photographer to craft the perfect story of your day through photography.

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